Joan Arnold Fisher

Profile Updated: January 27, 2016
Joan Arnold
Residing In: Vermilion, OH USA
Spouse/Partner: -
Occupation: Retired
Children: 2
Yes! Attending Reunion

I entered the 12 grade in oct, 1958 the pitchers were already taken that is why I was not in the book, I have my my deplomia and proud of it, new very people new me, except gary gorden, after all I went to 27 different school, my dad was a pipeline welder. and we moved very often, I like to sew on machine have been doing it for years. last hubby (martin B Fisher died of cancer, of lung. 4 years ago. have been by my self since then, just sorta looking for some one to chattt, or talk to. I still have my year book. and look fordward to seeing things on computer.

School Story:

such a big school, and I remember anitta B, and gary gorden, he was the only guy I dated for a short time, Merel took him from me and she was in the 11 th grade, haha but were friends. Live in a small apartment but enjoy it. about 300 hundred people in this Village at Edison Estates. all so quiet.
have my dog named Charmin (as in tissue Papper) she is so smart does 19 tricks, teaching her a few hand siginles. takes my socks off for me to go to bed, so she can lay in my comphy chair. and barks when the phon rings and is house trained, Have 7 great grand kids all red hair.(copper Tops)